PMI-HandsReduces Pregnancy Loss Rate!

A recent study compared sperm selected via hyaluronan-binding to normally motile sperm in ICSI patients where male factor/low HA binding scores were present. Couples who received the PICSI-selected sperm were more likely to get pregnant compared to their counterparts. More importantly, among the control (non-PICSI) patients, 15% of the pregnancies (detected by the presence of a fetal sac) never developed a fetal heart beat. Among the PICSI group, none of the pregnancies detected by the presence of a fetal sac were lost – all of them developed a fetal heart beat. This remarkable reduction in the loss of pregnancy accounts in part for the improved overall pregnancy rate seen in the PICSI group.

Worrilow et al. (2013) found that a combination of the diagnostic abilities of the HBA® Slide and the HA-sperm selection abilities of the PICSI® Dish improved Clinical Pregnancy Rate and significantly reduced Pregnancy Loss Rate in ICSI patients diagnosed with low HBA® Scores (≤65% binding ratio). This study also demonstrated that 15% of all ICSI patients have a low HBA Score (≤65%) and would benefit from HA sperm diagnostics and selection. Worrilow Paper [ View Worrilow Paper ].