What is His HBA Score?

What makes it work?

In natural fertilization, mature sperm bind to Hyaluronan (HA). HA is a naturally occurring substance and is the major component of the cumulus oophorus matrix surrounding the human oocyte (egg).
Mature sperm also bind to HA chemically attached to a support, such as the HA coated HBA® Slide and the PICSI® Dish with three micro dots of HA.

Analysis and what’s next
The Hyaluronic Binding Assay (HBA®) is an important diagnostic tool for suspected male infertility in the analysis of semen. In a matter of minutes the HBA® Slide provides an answer to the proportion of mature binding spermatozoa in the sample (The HBA® score %).

Viewed in the microscope, bound sperm are differentiated from unbound sperm by their beating tails with heads that make no progressive movement.

The ability to bind to HA correlates to:
• Maturity
• Strict morphology
• High DNA integrity
• Reduced chromosomal aneuploidies

After determining that the infertility issue is Male Factor by diagnosing a semen sample with HBA, the next procedure options are narrowed down to best suit the findings. If it was determined that the HBA® Score was 65% or lower (≤65% binding ratio), then sperm selection using the PICSI Dish with hyaluronan binding provides, for the first time, a means to select individual sperm for enhanced genetic and developmental integrity for use in ICSI. Using sperm selection with the PICSI Dish is clinically proven to benefit ICSI patients with low Hyaluronan Binding Score (HBA® Score). Consequently, the use of HA binding sperm in ICSI may directly influence the genetic integrity of the paternal contribution to the fertilization of the egg.